Friday, 27 February 2015

Orla Kiely | London Fashion Week AW15

Oh, Orla Kiely. My favourite show of the season for sure. I love how she does presentations instead of catwalks. This season the backdrop was set up as an old-school library with the models wandering around, looking at books and 'studying'. I enjoy the presentation concept so much because the slow pace means you get a better look at the designs, plus it tells more of a story and you can really get an idea of the inspiration behind the collection.

This season the designer was inspired by Ali Macgraw in the film Love Story and features preppy late 60s vibes combined with a romantic, early 70s look. Keeping with the library theme - there were lots of maths and geometry inspired prints and graph paper checks, as well as the geometric 'OK' initials which featured on some of the clothes and accessories.    

Stand out pieces for me included the wool coats, boxy style jackets, and a particularly stunning black LBD complete with full midi skirt. This spring / summer may be all about the seventies but thanks to Orla I think we can expect a huge dose of sixties perfection come autumn.

It may all be quiet in the library, but this bold bright collection is anything but...


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fyodor Golan | London Fashion Week AW15

Images c/o Fyodor Golan

The invitations to the Fyodor Golan shows always give a little hint into what's to come. Their AW15 collection titled The Rainbow Wheel was no different, with guests receiving a rainbow coloured invitation accompanied by none other than a My Little Pony.

As a rule, I tend to prefer wearable collections to the more crazy, out-there designs so Fyodor Golan isn't usually high on my list of must-see shows. However, there were a few designs that I did particularly enjoy this season. The mini A-line skirts paired with high neck sweaters and shirts were a favourite of mine, giving a subtle nod to the sixties which I liked a lot. I also enjoyed the more mature side of the colour palette which included mustard yellows, dark teels and vibrant blues. 

The baby pink and lime green My Little Pony aspect of the show wasn't exactly up my street. But, I can see where they were going with the concept, bringing the joy of nostalgia and an element of naivety to the collection.

Inspired by the designers' recent trip to Shanghia, Beijing and Hong Kong, the collection reflects the 'plastification of traditional decorative elements'. Embroidered orchids and water lilies are found on quilted plastic and faux fur, which I suppose represent the idea of something being so precious it must be protected.  

In all, a very interesting and colourful collection. Would I wear any of these designs? Well, probably not. Did I enjoy the show? Yes I did.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

James Kelly | London Fashion Week AW15

The second show I attended this season was James Kelly - who happens to be the Merit Award winner of 2015. I really enjoyed his collection which featured distorted sports jackets and trench coats in utility-inspired colours. Khaki is clearly a trend that is here to stay right through to next autumn / winter. 

The collection was small and the pace of the show was calm with the models walking the catwalk very slowly. This meant the audience got a really good look at the intricate designs and it definitely made the show stand out for me. 

I was lucky enough to get a peek at the clothes up close after the show and it's amazing how different they look on a hanger compared to on a person, however even hanging on a rail the draping and the fabrics were all simply stunning.



Tuesday, 24 February 2015

J. JS Lee | London Fashion Week AW15

With her signature aesthetics of masculine undertones and relaxed tailoring, it's no surprise the J. JS Lee show is always a firm favourite of mine. This season proved no different as the oversized coats, chic knitwear and androgynous loose-fit trousers adorned the catwalk. The subtle pleating and soft fabrics created a beautifully sophisticated and minimal collection.

The mature colour palette of soft grey and crisp white was briefly interrupted by a playful pop of sunshine yellow and bold fuscia - tributes to Lee's beloved childhood colours. The short, boyish, unkempt hair was also in homage to her scruffy 5 year old self. 

Key pieces include ribbed roll neck jumpers, oversized fur clutch bags and high waisted pleated trousers - all wardrobe must-haves for next autumn / winter. 

Overall the relaxed feminine silhouettes contrasting against the scruffy hair and boyish undertones created a beautiful collection and a stunning show to start off my weekend at Fashion Week. I already can't wait to see what Lee has in store for us next season!



Monday, 23 February 2015

Day Three | London Fashion Week AW15

ASOS flares & tee
PRIMARK fedora
H&M bag

My time at fashion week has drawn to a close and I'm writing this post from the comfort of my bed, wearing a fleece (lol) and about to watch some Grey's Anatomy. What an exhausting weekend is all I can say.

For my last day in London I went all out 70s vibes with my trusty flares, fringe bag, camel fedora and platform boots. This was definitely my warmest outfit choice from the past three days and I'm sure my body would be thanking me right now if it could.

For the final day we kept it really chilled, spent some time at Somerset House taking in all the street style and drinking all of the coffee. This season has been a lot of fun and as always I've come away feeling totally inspired and ready to tackle the new trends. 

If you're already totes bored of London Fashion Week then I might suggest you avert your eyes over the next few days... But if not then you're in luck because I will be posting show reviews every day this week. Check them out for photos, general impressions and trend forecasts.   


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day Two | London Fashion Week AW15

TOPSHOP suit & bag
NIKE trainers
ASOS t-shirt

Day two of fashion week is over. The highlights included a huge stack of pancakes at The Diner, preppy 60s vibes at the Orla Kiely presentation and Sophie dropping her MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick down the drain at Somerset House. Yes that did actually happen.

I went for a classic sports luxe look for day two, pairing a tailored burgundy suit with trainers and a sporty slogan t-shirt. I finished it off with my fave fluffy pink clutch bag for a little added texture and also to cuddle when it got chilly queuing outside for shows.

I also tried my first ever Bloody Mary at the Avant Premiere Brunch. Not being a fan of vodka or tomatoes I had always assumed I wouldn't like it, but I it turns out it kinda tastes like pizza so I'm a total convert. 

Today (day three) is my last day at Fashion Week this season and it's straight back to work for me tomorrow morning. I suppose I'd better lay off the cocktails today then.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day One | London Fashion Week AW15

ASOS boiler suit & boots
H&M tassle bag
ARK denim jacket

Is it really that time of year already? Yep. Believe it or not it's London Fashion Week time. Yesterday was the first day which is always the most exciting, hectic and exhausting. I went to three shows including J. JS Lee (always a favourite of mine), James Kelly at Fashion Scout and Fyodor Golan. I will be doing individual reviews of each show I attend so stay tuned for those for key trends and photos!

Amid the chaos I headed to the Ugg Lounge hosted at the gorgeous ME Hotel, conveniently just across the road from Somerset House, for some delicious elder flower iced tea, an incredible back and shoulder massage and some general relaxing down time. The rooms were filled with Ugg homeware including snuggly pillows and fluffy throws which were an absolute dream to escape the bitterly cold air in London. We even got given a pair of Ugg slippers to take home with us.  

A couple of events and a few glasses of prosecco later, we headed to Byron for a big cheeseburger and some courgette fries. So fash-un. 

In regards to my outfit, I decided to keep it really simple this season. For day one I wore a khaki boiler suit from ASOS, as I am all about the utility trend right now, and paired it with an oversized denim jacket (which did nothing to protect me from the cold) and a subtle nod to the 70s with a tan tassle bag. 

Like I always say, the best part of fashion week always catching up with some of my fave girlies including Allie, Sophie and Megan, and of course meeting lots of new ones too. But now, after a good night's sleep, it's time for me to head out the door and into the madness all over again!