Monday, 30 December 2013

The Glitterati

TOPSHOP jumpsuit & jumper

EBAY boots

Hello again! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wished for. I got some absolutely beautiful gifts, including some Whistles ankle boots and a new leather jacket from my parents, along with a tonne of luxury beauty stuff! My big brother got me a new digital camera, because although of course I love my DSLR, it's not the most practical of beasts. I wanted something compact that would be suitable for taking with me when I go to London from time to time, or for holidays. As you can imagine I was chuffed to bits when I opened my little Nikon Coolpix from him, what an amazing gift!

From my main man I got this beyond beautiful Toppers jumpsuit. I actually opened it on Christmas Eve Eve (yeah, that's a thing) and so I wore it on Christmas day. I paired it with my cropped fluffy jumper to keep me cosy, and accessorised with various ribbons and bows that I acquired whilst unwrapping presents. ;) I am definitely in love with this very glittery, very festive outfit. It's perfect for this time of year. My only gripe with it is that glitter gets absolutely everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I did plan to wear it on New Year's Eve but I'm going to a friends' house and I'm not sure they'll appreciate hoovering up after my trail of sparkles for weeks afterwards...

Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of excess glitter? I guess once it's been through the wash it might calm down a bit. 

What have you all got planned for New Year's Eve?


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Monday, 23 December 2013

Hard Rock


NEW LOOK boots*

RI jacket



Can you believe we're only two sleeps away from Christmas day? I am really getting excited now. I love all the festivities in the lead up to Christmas. The shopping, the wrapping, the markets, the parties - I can't get enough. But it's only when we reach a couple of days before the big day that I really turn into an over excitable child. Christmas actually came early for me today, I spent the day with my no. 1 opening presents, eating tonnes of food, and watching endless Christmas films. I got a beautiful glittery Topshop jumpsuit which I think I'll wear on *the day*, and a huge box of Champneys goodies, amongst other things! Needless to say, I am feeling like a very lucky girl today.

I thought I'd share this outfit with you which is what I wore to my work Christmas party on Friday night. I didn't really know what to wear and didn't feel like going all out with a dress so I threw this jumpsuit on instead. It's perfect for a wintery night out because it's actually really comfy and warm! I also wore it out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on my 21st Birthday, so it's clearly a firm favourite of mine.

I donned my new favourite shoes again for a pop of colour against my oh so predictable all-black outfit, and of course on the actual night I finished off the look with a dramatic smoky eye and a huge pair of lashes. If you can't wear giant lashes at Christmas then when can you?!

I've just realised I've reached over 500 followers on both Bloglovin' and GFC, what a great Christmas present! I hope whatever you guys are getting up to this holiday season, that you have a really wonderful time. 

Lots of Christmas love to all of my gorgeous readers.


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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'Tis the Season


ZARA shirt


NEW LOOK shoes* 


Hey guys, remember me?! After what seemed like the longest time ever, I've finally managed to find some time to sit down and write a post. Did ya'll miss me? I suppose uni deadlines, work, and general festivities have gotten in my way a bit over the last couple of weeks. But I can now officially say that my Christmas shopping is completely done and wrapped up, and I've handed in all my uni assignments for the first semester. So technically I should have all the time in the world to blog now, right?! Well, that's what I always tell myself, but it never usually works out that way.  

This is just a simple date night kind of outfit. Ripped jeans and a classic white shirt, paired with my favourite boyfriend coat and a fedora. Not to mention my beautiful new party shoes. I've wanted a pair of high heel ankle boots for a while and these plum coloured peep toes fit the bill perfectly, am I right? I think they'll definitely be my shoe of choice for this party season.

Have you all decided what you're wearing to those all-important Christmas parties this year?


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Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Black Heart

NEW LOOK shirt*

H&M bag

TOPSHOP riding pants

EBAY boots

So everyone knows about the burgundy Burberry shirt by now, right? The one that Victoria Beckham wore and then Topshop did a dupe. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, it turns out New Look have a dupe as well, and at £17.99 it's a lot easier to handle than the £38 Topshop effort. However unsurprisingly, it is pretty difficult to find in stores now. After much umm-ing and ahh-ing I decided instead of running all over town in search of the proper Burberry dupe, I'd just settle for the black one. We all know how much I like an all black ensemble and it fits really well into my wardrobe, so I'm very pleased with my purchase. Even if it's not quite Victoria Beckham.

I paired my new shirt with my riding pants, an absolute favourite of mine. They're so much better than regular leggings, they're more durable, they're thicker (and therefore warmer), and they're comfortable. They tick all the boxes and so get a lot of wear from me. I've also thrown on my trusty leather jacket and some ankle boots. These boots are a replacement for a pair I bought last year and wore to absolute death until they literally fell apart. They lasted me a whole year though and at only £17 I was quite impressed. This time round I bought the same pair but with a suede finish as opposed to matte, just for a change.

I think I might wear this outfit (or something similar) when I go to the Clothes Show Live on Monday. I'm over the moon because I've always wanted to go and this year I managed to win myself two tickets. Are any of you lot going? Maybe I'll see you there!

Catch you later.


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Friday, 29 November 2013

Feeling Festive


PRIMARK top & jeans

ALDO boots

H&M bag

Hi friends. So you'll never guess what I did yesterday? I bought and decorated my Christmas tree. I'm not sure what came over me because normally I don't put the tree up until just a couple of weeks before the big day, but this year I couldn't even wait until December. Madness! There's something so magical about the Christmas tree though, isn't there? When it's starting to get dark and gloomy in the afternoons but you don't want to give in and shut the curtains and put the lights on, having a little glowing tree in the corner of the room is very comforting and cosy. Bliss. In other news, I've finally bought my first Christmas present of the year! The ball is officially rolling and now I have big plans to buy some mince pies and a tin of Quality Street.

So, moving on from Christmas, what do you think of my jeans? I bought them for £7 from Primark and ripped them myself with a pair of scissors. I think they turned out quite well and I really like the simple symmetrical rips. I paired them with a simple long sleeve crop top and my big fluffy Missguided coat for when I went to London the other day for the New Look press day. After seeing this coat on the gorgeous Mel I just had to have it for myself. The collar is the biggest, fluffiest thing I've ever seen, so I don't think I'll be needing a scarf this winter!

Have a great weekend my lovelies!



Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Current Obsessions: Shenae & Josh

For the longest time Shenae Grimes-Beech (AKA Annie from 90210) has been my number one style icon. She used to run her own blog where she shared photos of her outfits and trends that she'd been loving, but after a while of reading it religiously it seemed to disappear off the internet-map. Sigh. Anyway, Shenae's style is pretty cool. She rocks denim cut offs and band T-shirts like no other and I totally dig the laid back, rock star, vibes that accompany all her outfits, whether she's dressing up or down.

Since getting hitched to the gorgeous model Josh Beech, the stylish couple have joined forces and created a blog called Two Halves. You can imagine my excitement that Shenae is back in the blogosphere, and with the added bonus of her lovely husband it's a pretty great website. They combine their passions for music and fashion and generally just looking pretty to create some awesome content. So yep, right now I can't get enough of them.

Who are some of your favourite style icons?


Friday, 22 November 2013

Off Duty Style

PULL&BEAR playsuit
PRIMARK super cosy tights
ALDO boots
H&M bag
ASOS sunglasses

Hello! Do you like my leafy pictures? It is a beautiful sunny day today so I couldn't resist popping outside for some outfit snaps. It's my day off so I wandered down to the shops and may or may not have bought some new Christmas baubles and a Christmas Costa. Honeycomb hot chocolate to be exact. Ahh, perfection.

Also, yep, wearing tartan again. Just forget everything I said in this post about being bored of that particular trend. Yes, I still think it's overworn. But I just couldn't resist this pretty little playsuit in Pull & Bear, and when I was offered it as an additional Birthday present, well, I wasn't going to say no was I?

I'm also wearing my beautiful new boots that have featured in many of my blog posts recently, but now here they are in all their glory. I got them for my Birthday and I think they are just the most perfect Autumn boots. Gorgeous colour, pretty cut outs and buckles, a low chunky heel. What more does one want in a boot??

I hope you're having a wonderful week. Lots of love.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What I'd Wear | Amsterdam Fashion Week

I was invited by to enter their competition to win an all expenses paid trip to Amsterdam Fashion Week, simply by sharing with you all what I'd wear if I were to win! Recently I've been making plans for where I want to travel to in the next couple of years, and Amsterdam is definitely on that list. So you can imagine it would be a dream come true to win a two night stay in the beautiful city, especially during the best week of the year! 
What I'd Wear | Amsterdam

I'm starting this off with a bit of colour co-ordination. An all black outfit is simple and chic, just add a luxurious boyfriend coat to keep off the January chill with some downright perfect ankle boots and.. ta-dah! You've got a perfect Fashion Week look. 

Note: I feel I must stress that high stiletto heels are only for the professionals. You will be on your feet all day figuring out the city and running from show to show, so how anybody does that in 5inch heels I'll never know. Us mere mortals should stick to flats or chunky low heels at the most. Trust.  

What I'd Wear | Amsterdam #2

My second outfit is a pretty girly one. You guys know I love the androgynous vibe of my leather trousers, and combining masculine with feminine pieces is all the rage right now. Just throw this pink fluffy coat over your shoulders and strut around pretending to be part of the fash pack. Sorted!

What I'd Wear | Amsterdam #3

My last look is a little bit edgier. After falling out of love with tartan for a while I spotted this playsuit last weekend and fell in love all over again. For Fashion Week I'd pair it with tights (because.. brrr) and chunky ankle boots. Chuck on a cropped leather jacket and some dark lippy and you've got a laid back, grungy outfit. I'm channeling Kate Middleton by 'recycling' my hat and bag from the first outfit because why not?
So there you have it... I hope you liked having a peek at what I'd wear to Amsterdam Fashion Week. Please let me know which outfit is your favourite!


PS. You can visit my Polyvore profile to see where everything's from.

Thursday, 14 November 2013


H&M jumper

PRIMARK skirt and shoes

ZARA bag

I am very undecided about this skirt. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, quilted pleather skirt for £10? Yes please! However, in reality it's pretty awful quality. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting much, but I suppose because I've been so impressed with other Primark stuff this season I thought I'd feel the same about this piece. Sadly it has just not been the case. The material is very thin and plasticy making it look as cheap as it was. Ugh. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

On the plus side it doesn't look half bad in the dim light paired with a statement bag and a chartreuse woolly jumper. I guess what I've styled it with takes the attention away a little! I'm not fully sold on the whole idea yet, but what do you guys think? Take it or leave it?

Anyway, on a brighter note, it's my Birthday this weekend! The celebrations officially start tonight, and I'm heading out for some sophisticated cocktails with some of my favourite girls. I won't be getting too drunk though because I have a lot planned for the next few days and I can't wait.

I'll probably be absent from the blog now until next week, so try not to miss me too much!

Lots of love,



Friday, 8 November 2013

Autumn Update

Hi gorgeous people. I thought I'd do a quick Insta update because I haven't done one in so long and I've been feeling lots of lovely Autumn vibes over on Instagram lately. I just absolutely love this time of year, with my Birthday coming up, Christmas on the way, Halloween, bonfire night, pretty leaves, new fashion and beauty collections. There's always so much to look forward to! I just wanted to take a minute to breathe and be thankful for all the wonderful things happening in my life right now.

Whilst you're here, I'd love to know your opinions on which types of blog posts are your faves. Do you prefer my outfit posts, beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, etc? Please do a girl a huge favour and comment below letting me know what you'd like to see more of!

Lots of love,



Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Ear Piercings

Hey there! Today I thought I'd write a quick post about my various ear piercings. I went through a phase when I was 18 where I wanted lots of weird and wonderful piercings, some of which I kinda regret, but most of which I still have and love today! 

Most of the piercings on my ears didn't hurt very much at all. The only one that was a real killer was my scaffolding (the bar that goes across the top of my left ear). That one hurt a lot at the time, but now I forget it's even there! It's probably my favourite piercing, so I'm really glad I've got it. The one that I regret getting done was my surface hip piercing (I'll let you google that one). Again, I loved it at the time, but it only lasted about 6 months and it used to get caught on stuff a lot. Ouch! It's also left a teensy little scar which is annoying, but should fade in time. 

I am getting the itch for a new piercing now though! I'm not sure what I want to get yet, but it'll probably be another ear one. I'm not really into facial piercings at all, ie nose, lips, etc. I prefer ones that can be hidden by my hair or clothes, should I want to hide them. What do you think? Any ideas?

I hope you enjoyed this little post.



Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumn Eyes | Happy Halloween!

I won't bother explaining how I did this look because let's be honest I'm not the expert here. Instead I will leave you with a link to the YouTube tutorial that I followed!

For the last few years I've always dress up for Halloween as something dead. Zombie school girl, zombie doctor, corpse bride, you get the gist. I normally just paint my face white and have some sort of fake blood spilling out of my mouth. Attractive, I know. But this year I've had a change of heart and I decided I wanted to go as something a little more imaginative, and a little bit... cuter! So yep, I'm a deer. Antlers and all.

I'm sure you've all got wonderful plans for Halloween and I'd love to see what you're all going as, so please leave me a link if you've done a similar post!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Are You Bored of Tartan Yet?

 TOPSHOP coat 

PRIMARK shoes, top, tights


ZARA bag 

I don't know about you guys, but I am feeling a little on the fence about the whole tartan trend this season. I have got a couple of tartan things that I absolutely love for example these little shorts (which manage to incorporate the hounds tooth pattern, which is also huge this A/W) and my amazing giant clutch bag, see here. I do think, however, that seeing every girl and their dog with a tartan skirt and a tartan scarf is getting a little bit overkill. Don't you think? I suppose it's quite an easy trend to follow which is why so many people have jumped on the bandwagon, but I don't think I'll be buying anything else with the pattern this season, unless it's something I really can't live without. What do you guys think? Are you getting sick of it yet?

Well, back to the outfit. I paired my cough-tartan-cough shorts with a simple black vest top and some sheer tights. By the way these tights are from Primark and I wore them for the first time when I took these photos and managed to ladder them halfway through the shoot. Primark tights? What was I thinking? Anyway, I really like wearing shorts or a short dress under a huge coat at the moment. I'm kind of into the androgynous look right now, you guys know that. And of course I wore my all time favourite loafers, I'm still in shock at how little I paid for such beautiful (and comfy!) shoes. 

Oh and have you guys all got your Halloween outfits sorted yet? I can't wait to show you mine!



Sunday, 27 October 2013

Layering Leather

ZARA shirt, crop top, shoes

TOPSHOP jacket, jeans, necklace

H&M bag

I have been trying to incorporate my leather crop top into my Autumn / Winter wardrobe recently which has proved to be a little tricky, but I think I've finally found the solution. By layering a boyfriend shirt over the crop top it creates an edgy but laid back vibe, whilst still keeping you warm. Pair it with skinny jeans, a fitted leather jacket, and some super chic heels and you're good to go. This is the sort of outfit I wear all the time because it looks effortless, but cool. You know what I mean, the 'I totally didn't put any thought into my outfit, I just accidentally look this good' kinda deal. 

Whilst you're all back to work tomorrow, my weekend starts here! So I'm kicking back with a cup of tea and a magazine. What a crazy life I lead.



Friday, 25 October 2013

Unaffordable A/W Boots

Unaffordable A/W Boots

Oh look! A blog post all about winter boots and not a single Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane in sight! 

I decided to create another one of these wishlist things because they're fun to make and they don't involve leaving my sofa, win win! I've always been obsessed with boots, which I'm sure you all know by now. If I am going to splash out on some expensive shoes it will be boots over anything else every single time, because I know I'll get so much wear out of them. At the moment (as you can probably tell) I'm loving ankle boots with a small chunky heel. They can practically be any colour, any material, any style. As long as they have a little heel and go up to my ankles, I love them. 

There's one pair on the list that are slightly different to the rest, yep you guessed it, the Jeffrey Campbells. Over the knee boots are hot this A/W and I spotted these beauties on the JC Instagram a few days ago. I struggle with boots this tall on the High Street because the 'one size fits all' mantra makes them look like fishermen's waders on me - 'cos I has skinny thighs. So it looks like I'll be giving this particular trend a miss this year.

I've titled these boots 'unaffordable' because to me, at this moment, they are. (Although some are a little more unaffordable than others.) It doesn't stop me lusting after them though and, hey, maybe one day I'll own a pair! (Although possibly not the Chanel ones, I dread to think how much they cost.) The Alexander Wang beauties are actually on The Outnet for about 55% cheaper than their original price, which is a total bargain and yet still so very far out of my reach. Sigh.

I know the High Street have an abundance of beautiful boots this year, and I've seen some absolutely gorgeous ones from Missguided, Topshop, H&M and ASOS. So that's definitely where I'll be heading for my boot fix this year. How about you?

Are you as obsessed with boots as me?


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