Monday, 14 January 2013

New hobbies...


I was talking to my Mum over the weekend about various aspects of my life, and I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer consider walking round Topshop and getting drunk on student nights at HB as 'hobbies'. Although in fairness I am juggling full time education and part time work at the moment, I still don't think it's acceptable to spend all the free time I have watching the Lost box set (it's ridiculously addictive) and lazing around in bed. This lack of interesting hobbies is what inspired several of my new years resolutions. So, amongst joining the gym and creating this blog I have also decided to take up knitting. Yes! You heard me right. Knitting! I wanted a way to channel some of my creativity but didn't want anything too time consuming or strenuous. (If anything is too much effort then I know I won't do it. Just being realistic). So knitting is basically perfect because I can still laze around in bed and watch Lost but at the same time do something productive and fun! 

By the way I hope you all like scarves because that's what you'll be getting for your birthdays from now on.

So I spent my morning wandering round Hobby Craft looking through their many many aisles of different coloured wool. There was a lot more than I thought there was going to be, and picking out which ones I wanted was really difficult because I'm a very fussy, indecisive person. But! I did eventually choose some and now I'm really excited about starting my first project...

Luckily for me I happen to know the biggest knitting pro in the world. Yep. My Nan! Now you may think that all Nan's are knitting pros, but seriously, my Nan is basically the queen of knitting. So I'm hoping that she's going to help me get started because although I know the basics of how to knit a scarf, I'd possibly like to learn to follow patterns as well so that I don't get bored! Finding something to share with my Nan is important to me at the moment, and hopefully we'll be able to spend some time together with my new hobby. So knitting is clearly a win win! 

Maybe I'll share with you some of my (what I'm sure will be) fabulous creations in the near future!

Does anyone else have any interesting hobbies you're starting this year?!


Thanks for reading!


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  1. I dip in and out of knitting after learning years ago for my Brownie badge, it can be quite theraputic once you get going! Just a heads up - thought I'd mention that once you get into it you can get hold of really cheap needles and patterns, etc at charity shops.

    Gonna stop commenting now before you think you've got a stalker.
    Lauren :)


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