Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spring boots wishlist!

Happy Easter lovely people! Being one of only 2 days of the whole year that my work is actually shut, I'm having a very lazy day in front of the TV. Later on I'll be heading over to my see my family and eat a lovely roast dinner before going to a friends for a couple of drinks. Pretty good day off I think! What have you all got planned for this Easter Sunday? (Other than eating your weight in chocolate). 

This time last year it was bright and sunny and warm and we were all eating ice creams and lazing around in our shorts and summer dresses. At a very chilly 5 degrees I think it's safe to say that this year has turned out slightly different. No point crying over it though. If we have an extra couple of months of winter maybe it'll mean we might actually get some decent weather during the summer this year? Well, we can hope.

Anyway! Seeing as it looks like the cold winter weather is here to stay for a while and we probably won't be digging out the sandals anytime soon, I thought that I'd put a little wishlist together with some footwear that will keep our toes warm whilst still looking a little bit Summery. 

1. These ones are Topshop and definitely my favourite of the lot. I noticed them on Pinterest the other day and fell in love. If only I had a spare £75. Sigh.

2. I do love Doc Martins and these white ones are perfect for Spring! L o v e.

3. River Island. At first I wasn't sure if I liked these. But I do like the colour and I love the fringing. So yep. These are good.

4. Steve Madden. The combination of pretty lace on the grungy combat boot. Perfect!

5. These Acne boots are just a teensy bit out of my budget, coming it at just over £400. But they're beautiful so deserved a place on the list anyway.

6. Had to include these cute little flowery ones from Forever 21 even though they're not exactly my style. I still think they'd look great with a summery dress! 

I hope you liked my little Spring boots wishlist! Really need to get my hands on those floral Topshop ones. Maybe I'll have a cheeky look on Ebay. Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Great post. Those DMs are perfect x

  2. I love both 1 and 6! Gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a nice Easter!

    Amy xx

  3. The DMs are perfect but I'd be too scared to wear them in case they got dirty haha :) xxx

  4. Hello!!! I just discovered your blog and I love it! Youve got such a awesome edgy style xx

  5. such a great selection, 1 is definitely my favourite.
    But there all so nice.

  6. Damn you Sarah for making me want £75 boots!! Topshop does some beautiful stuff and I have no willpower, haha!

    E x

  7. Oh my godd I love those topshop beauts! I love them in black too- but this print is just so summery! I wanttt.x

  8. Loving these cute little booties! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  9. aahh these are beaut. i love 1+4 they're gorgeous, perfect for spring! xxx

    love your blog just followed xxx

  10. lOVE THEM ALL! My favs are 5, love them :)


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