Saturday, 27 April 2013

To the max...

(Maxi skirt, H&M. Crop top, New Look. Ballet pumps, Topshop. Studded head band, Primark. Necklace, Topshop. Bag, Zara.)

Today has been a really productive day. I went for lunch with my Nan and Dad which was lovely, I got my car cleaned (it was in desperate need.. believe me) and I ordered myself a new pair of glasses, finally! I lost my glasses a while ago and have been wearing my contact lenses all day every day since then and it's been pretty annoying. But today I dragged myself into the optician and ordered myself a fabulous new pair of Ray Bans and I cannot wait for them to arrive. 

Anyway, this is what I wore today. Yep, this is it. No jacket, no boots, no nothing. It's that warm! My maxi skirt finally made an appearance and I wore it with this new crop top from New Look. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of aztec print, not sure why, just don't really think it's my style. But this one is pink and what can I say? I do like pink. So I got it and I'm really glad I did. Looks good with my neon green necklace, don't you think?  

My Topshop ballet pumps, however, have definitely seen better days - they are not exactly in the cleanest of states (a bit like my car). To be honest I'm not particularly impressed with these flats. Everyone who was anyone had a pair when I was in college and when I finally got round to buying myself some I felt a bit cheated. They're sooo uncomfortable! Seriously. It makes me feel really flat footed and I feel like I may as well go out in my socks because they don't exactly protect your feet... but that's just my opinion. But hey, they do for warm days like today where no strenuous walking is involved. 

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!



Friday, 26 April 2013

Printed trousers & bargain shoes

(Printed slacks, New Look. Crop top, New Look. Heels, tReds. Necklace, Primark.)

Do you ever get an idea of an item of clothing that you want, and then nothing that you see meets the image you have in your head and you end up being really fussy and picky and never finding it and getting really upset?


I do. And I have had an image of the printed trousers that I've wanted in my head for ages and I was very nearly giving up on my dream, when I found these beauties! I wanted some casual slacks with a pretty print and in a lightweight fabric for summer. And seriously, I couldn't find any. I think I was being quite fussy about the print because I'm not that into atzec and I didn't want anything too bright or OTT because I knew I'd never wear it. But I also wanted them to be the sort of trousers I could slob around in, wear to the beach, wear on holiday but also wear on nights out and during the day. So I guess I was being a bit ambitious. But, lo and behold, when I was in Fareham for an interview the other day (for an internship, which I got by the way) I thought I'd have a wander around New Look because it is HUGE in that shopping centre, and I found my perfect summer slacks. 

They're high waisted, skinny, and a dark blue colour with a subtle blue and white pattern. This makes them really flattering and easy to wear. Hooray! So for their first outing I paired them with a plain white crop top and a studded necklace and I actually also wore my leather jacket and some black heeled ankle boots because it was not particular warm at the time. Just goes to show how versatile they are. Although some fashionably impaired people (ahem, boys) did mention that they thought they looked like pyjamas. Which, I guess they do. But that just makes me love them even more.

Right - before I go. I just have to tell you about the shoes. I've been lusting over a similar pair from Jeffrey Campbell for what seems like forever but, alas, being a poor student I just cannot justify spending over £100 on a pair of heels. So, when I found out about these from the lovely IslayI basically died. They were £5. £4.99 actually. Yes you read that right, you haven't gone mad! They were a fiver. I was in love. To be honest I wasn't expecting much seeing as they were so cheap but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived because they really are lovely! The only thing is that the heel is a bit plastic-y. But for £5 I am not going to complain.

Do you have an image of something in your head that you're looking for at the moment? 
Are you super jealous of my bargain of the century? ;)
Let me know!


Thursday, 25 April 2013

How NOT to survive university

1. Go out partying. A lot.

2. Make sure you've chosen a degree that you hate, so you can moan about it all the time.

3. Leave all of your assignments until the day before they're due in. This is when you will do your best work.

4. Don't do any of the reading during term time. Just leave it all until a couple of weeks before your exams.

5. Lie ins are more important than seminars.

6. Spend all your money in Topshop and at the pub. It doesn't matter if you can't afford food or heating in the house. You need that new bag. And a beer.

7. There's no need to take notes in lectures. You probably know more than your lecturers anyway. Use this time to nap.

8. Ignore all your emails. They have no useful or interesting information. Unless the subject says 'lesson cancelled' - read those ones.

9. Don't go food shopping. Trips to the burger van down the road will do the job. 

10. Spend hours and hours looking at pictures of cats on Pinterest. It is an incredibly valuable use of your time.

(Haha. This is a really old photo but I love it.)

Slightly different post to usual so I hope you liked it. I'm just finishing up my second year at Uni and haven't exactly had the best time there so far. Everything I mentioned above has come from personal experience and I'm basically trying to get the message across that - if any of you are planning to go to university - then please don't make the same mistakes that I have made (and continue to make!)


Monday, 22 April 2013

Peach schnapps

Peach shoes summer dress outfit

(Dress, Topshop. Shoes, New Look. Necklace, New Look.)

Okay so I have been trying really hard recently to inject some colour into my wardrobe and it's been a bit of a challenge because colour is not something that comes very naturally to me (I'm a vampire at heart). I'm drawn to black clothes and sometimes, just sometimes, I might go all out and wear something grey. Crazy! I know. But one day I decided that as fabulous as I thought I looked in black and grey, it was time to mix it up a bit. So recently I've been wearing all sorts of crazy colours! Red, mustardcobalt blue, and today... peach! Hooray! Although, yes granted I am wearing a grey dress with black tights and the colour only surfaces in the shoes. But that still counts, right? 

I'm actually getting really excited about the warmish weather. This morning I walked outside in my pyjamas (don't judge me) to quickly move my car and I was bracing myself for a chill as I walked out the door, but then... nothing! It was positively mild. Plus last night I started looking at holidays online and that got me thinking about hotels and pools, which then got me thinking about bikinis and straw hats... and cocktails... and yeah I think I'm a bit excited for summer. Bring it on!

Have you guys got anything exciting planned for the summer? 



Saturday, 20 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition... Part 2

So it turns out I just couldn't wait to make the rest of my entries for the Worldwide Wardrobe competition, and I had too many ideas spilling out of my head so I just went ahead and made them. If you want to find out more information about entering the competition then read my previous post here or alternatively visit the Travel Supermarket website.

Here are my final entries. I hope you like them and please let me know which ones are your favourites!

Sightseeing in Paris

worldwide wardrobe
Tulle skirt, Modcloth - £24
Crop top, Topshop - £15
Leather Vest, Forever 21 - £14.25
Flatforms, ASOS - £28
Flower crown, Crown and Glory - £20
Bag, Zara - £49.99
Necklace, Accessorize - £8

Total = £159.24

I think this outfit might be my favourite one out of all my entries. For my Paris outfit I wanted something chic and stylish to fit in with the fabulous French ladies, but I still wanted it to be 'me'. Hence the leather jacket. I took my inspiration from good old Carrie Bradshaw when she wore her beautiful tulle skirt in Paris in the Sex and the City series. And seeing as tulle seems to be all the rage at the moment I thought it would be perfect. I paired it with a stripy crop top because you can't go to Paris and not wear stripes. I was tempted to opt for some sky scraping heels, Carrie Bradshaw style, but decided to keep it realistic with some bang on trend flatforms instead. Nobody really wants to be climbing up a million steps in the Eiffel Tower in 5inch heels, do they?

I added the Zara Office City bag because, hello? It's beautiful. I really wanted to include it in one of my entries and it seemed to fit perfectly in this one. When you're sightseeing you're bound to pick up lots of souvenirs and maps, etc, so you'll need a nice roomy bag like this one to carry it all around in!

And lastly, the flower crown. I figured when you're in the fashion capital of the world you may as well go a little out of your comfort zone. The flowers and the ballerina skirt are all very girly and pretty so I think the black accessories pull everything together and make it a bit more edgy. Something I would definitely wear!

Full Moon party in Thailand

worldwide wardrobe

Bikini bottoms, River Island - £12
Bikini top, Topshop - £17
Sandals, Zara - £26
Bag, New Look - £19.99
Hat, H&M - £7.99
'Rebel', MAC - £14
Bracelets, H&M - £5.99
Necklace, Etsy - £11

Total = £127.97

This turned out to be by far the cheapest entry out of the five for me. Probably due to the fact there is no substantial clothing in this one. I have never been to a Full Moon party in Thailand but from my research it seems that nobody really wears much more than a bikini so I decided there was simply no need for anything else. I'm loving high waisted bikinis this season, and this printed one from River Island is just beautiful! I prefer to pair printed bikini bottoms / tops with the alternating item in a plain block colour so instead of using the matching RI top I chose this simple Topshop one instead. The accessories really do the talking with this outfit and the neon jewellery seemed a pretty perfect match for a beach party. Topped off with simple sandals and a big floppy hat and you're good to go! Not forgetting a huge bag to carry all your essentials (towel, camera, alcohol, etc). I chose the transparent one from new look because the material seems pretty beach friendly and you can't go wrong with perspex at the moment!

Cocktails in New York
worldwide wardrobe

Dress, Warehouse - £58
Belt, Mango - £22
Shoes, Zara - £65
Necklace, Dorothy perkins - £14
Knuckle clutch, Boohoo - £22

Total = £181

My final entry! For this one I kept it super simple, with just an LBD and lots of studded accessories. I think this outfit is really 'me' and definitely something I would wear should I happen to be in New York for cocktails. I wanted something a bit more special than a mini dress, but didn't want anything too dramatic and glamorous so I opted for this black dress with the mesh skirt which I think is a great compromise! I saw Shenae Grimes wear something similar a while ago and it looked amazing. She has really cool style. Anyway I paired it with a knuckle clutch bag, because it just looks bad-ass, and the killer spiked heels from Zara with the studded waist belt pull the outfit together. I could definitely see myself in this outfit with a strawberry daiquiri in my hand. Could you?

Please let me know what you think of my entries! I had so much fun pulling them all together so I'd love to know which ones your favourites are.

And don't forget to enter the competition yourselves, too!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Current obsessions... dark lips (feat MAC Rebel)

Apparently dark lips are my current obsession. It makes no sense considering we're gradually making our way into Spring and I should be coveting lovely light coral and pink lipsticks at the moment but no, as usual I have to be difficult. Dark purples and reds for me please. 

I recently purchased my first ever MAC lipstick (does that mean I'm an official beauty blogger now??) and after looking at hundreds of swatches from other bloggers, and making lots of umm-ing and ahh-ing noises, I finally decided on the shade 'rebel'. It's a deep purple colour but on your lips it's not nearly as dark as you might think. Considering I have very pale skin and fair eyelashes / brows I thought it might be tricky pulling off a dark lipstick but the rebel shade is really good because it's not too dark, while still being dramatic. If you know what I mean. 

Anyway, here I am wearing it (ignore the flicky bit of short hair - argh!). What do you think?

What are you all currently obsessing over at the moment? Let me know!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition!

Hello! You've probably heard of the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition by now, but just in case you haven't then I'll briefly explain what it is.

Basically Travel Supermarket have given bloggers the challenge of creating 5 different outfits for 5 different holiday destinations. These are:

-Sightseeing in Paris
-Clubbing in Ibiza
-Shopping in London
-Cocktails in New York
-Partying at a Full Moon party in Thailand 

You can choose to create an outfit for just one destination or you can enter one for all five! The budget is £200 and the winner will win a dream trip to the destination their outfit was inspired by!

For more information visit the Travel Supermarket website.

So far I've created two different looks but I will probably be entering more when I have the time. Let me know what you think of my entries and if you'll be entering yourselves!

Clubbing in Ibiza

Fluro paisley short suit, Topshop - £70
Metallic platforms, Topshop - £55
'Sounds like noise', MAC - £14
Frilly socks, Topshop - £3.50
Neon perspex clutch, Boohoo - £18
Chain necklace, River Island - £12

Total = £172.50

I chose this outfit for the 'clubbing in Ibiza' category because it's colourful and fun! I'm absolutely in love with the Topshop short suit and gutted that it's currently out of stock in my size, sob sob. I think the combination of oranges, blues and pinks in this outfit is probably not something I could pull off in the UK, but if you can't wear neon orange in Ibiza then where can you wear it?! I kept the jewellery really simple with just a gold chain for this look because I think the print on the top and shorts is doing all the work. All you need is a slick of Hayley Williams' new MAC lippy and your hair up in a messy bun to keep you cool. Good to go!

Shopping in London

Joni jeans, Topshop - £36
White vest, H&M - £6.99
Floral boots, Topshop - £75
Spike necklace, Dorothy Perkins - £12.50
Sunglasses, 80s Purple - £6.50
Leather vest, Forever 21 - £14.25
Fedora, Topshop - £25

Total = £176.24

This is something that I would wear every single day of the year if I could. I own the Joni jeans in black and they're the best thing to ever happen to me. They look great paired with just a simple vest and some ankle boots but these floral Topshop ones take it to a whole new, more beautiful, level. The John Lennon style glasses and the khaki fedora hat give the outfit a bit of an edge and although normally I'd opt for a regular leather jacket, this sleeveless  version looks pretty cool for summer. I kept this outfit pretty comfortable because you don't want to be hobbling around Oxford Street in painful shoes and uncomfortable clothes as you will need all your energy for dodging other shoppers and shoving them out the way finding your way round! 

So, did you like my entries for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition?! I'd love to see all of yours so please leave me some links if you've done a similar post!

Stay tuned for more entries.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Because everyone loves monochrome

(Dress, H&M. Jumper, Topshop. Boots, Ebay. Socks, ASOS. Necklace, Primark. Lipstick, Loreal 'Aphrodite Scarlet')

So this is my third outfit post in a row. And I've got my milk bottles out once again. I know very pale legs offend some people but I'm sorry, it's tough luck I'm afraid. The weather is gradually becoming more Spring-like which makes me very happy, although I have been stuck indoors writing essay after essay after essay after essay so haven't been able to enjoy it very much (don't do an English Lit degree, kids). Even though the sun is shining it's definitely still not warm enough to go out with just a dress. The jumper was very much needed.

So guys, I shaved some of my hair from the side of my head off today! Last time I got my hair cut my hairdresser cut a chunk of the side off really short. I was adamant I didn't want it shaved though (I wasn't brave enough) but to be honest I should have just done it because it started to grow out really soon after I got it done. It was getting to a weird length and so I decided to borrow my boyfriend's clippers (sshh, he doesn't know yet) and go crazy. I was being really pathetic and scared that I'd ruin it at first but after a while I got more confident and so the shorter it got. I love how it's turned out and now I know I can do it myself in future! Fab!

Ok I definitely need to get back to writing my essays now. 

PS. I joined Look Book yesterday so feel free to pop over and 'fan' and 'hype', etc. (If you understand what any of that means). 


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Two ways to wear: Mustard

(T-shirt, H&M. Skirt, New Look. Tights, Primark. Boots, Ebay. Necklace, Primark. Lipstick, MAC Rebel.)

Hello! This is my first post since the new blog design went live. Do you like it? I worked with Becky to create it and it's turned out exactly how I wanted it. So I'm a very happy blogger bunny!

Today I thought I'd write up an outfit post and I really wanted to included my mustard T shirt because it is quickly becoming my favourite top ever. I honestly never thought I'd be wearing mustard. When the trend first came out I couldn't stand it! I thought it was an awful old Granny colour and nope, definitely not for me. However, I am a sucker for a rolled sleeve tee at the moment and when I saw this in H&M I thought, hmm, why not? And wouldn't you know, I've worn it almost every day since. (Err, gross). Normally I wear it tucked into my black high waisted jeans but today I thought I'd mix it up a bit. So here you have two, yes two! Different ways of wearing my looovely new top.

And as if that wasn't enough, my hair also looks like a bow today. It's the easiest hair style ever and it makes me feel like Minnie Mouse. So that's always good. 

(Trousers, Topshop. Blazer, Topshop. Boots, Ebay. Necklace, Accessorize.)

Note - no matter how dark I draw my eyebrows on, you can still barely see them in photos. Sf;rfkjgnkesjn!


Monday, 8 April 2013

Back to school.

(Shirt - Topshop. Skirt - Topshop. Bag - Topshop. Belt - Topshop. Wedges - Miss Selfridge. Necklace - Primark)

I'll apologise for the unbalanced ratio of items of clothing from Topshop against any other shop in this outfit. I guess I just know what I like... and Topshop clearly does too.

Are we all getting a bit of a back to school vibe from this outfit? I think I was embracing the (pre mental breakdown) Britney style a bit today. Check shirt, black mini, tan bag, etc. The only things setting me apart from the school kids are the spiked necklace and the 5" heels. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if the pre teens are all wearing them nowadays too. 

Anyway, me being me, I've been wandering around the house in this outfit all afternoon thinking yes, it's finally bare leg weather. However, when I ventured outside to take the snaps for this post I realised that it most definitely is not bare leg weather. Not at all. I don't know about you, but I feel like I've been cheated out of my Spring this year. All winter I look forward to the weather warming up but this year we seem to have forgotten what the sun looks like. And as it doesn't look like I'm going abroad this year, I'm really relying on the summer to make up for it and not let us down! Come on British summer!

Oh yeah and I'm also a bit excited about how long my hair is getting. I'm thinking about dip dying it again too. Thoughts?


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection

green tulle dress h&m conscious exclusive

jumpsuit, suit, h&m conscious exclusive

dusty pink gown, dresses, h&m conscious exclusive

View the full collection here!

Just a quick post because I found this collection last night and completely fell in love with it. As far as I'm aware it will be available in selected stores and online from tomorrow! (04/04/13) So now I just need to decide how much money I want to part with and which beautiful (if a little unpractical) pieces I just can't live without anymore. As much as I'd love to splurge £150 on that mint green tulle gown, I just don't get enough invitations to events where that level of formality is required. I suppose I could buy it just to wear around the house. Can I do that? Okay, maybe not. I'm definitely considering the black jumpsuit though. I've been looking for one for ages and this one with the cut out back looks pretty perfect. Plus it's a lot easier on the purse strings than the dress. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Seriously though. I'm really impressed with this H&M range! The clothes are all made from sustainable materials and the collection includes shoes, accessories, and menswear too - so there's pretty much something for everyone. My favourite thing about the collection is the colour palette. The monochrome, the dusty pinks and the faded greens. A beautiful twist on classic Spring colours. Argh, I wish I could buy all of it!

Anyway, I'll be keeping my eyes pealed in my local H&M for some of these gems. Will you be?!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Salted caramel hot chocolate.

Salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

Seriously, whoever the first person was to combine salt with caramel should give themselves a big pat on the back. It's delicious. I've been looking at salted caramel recipes on Pinterest recently and honestly there are hundreds. Salted caramel cookies, salted caramel brownies, salted caramel pies, cakes, cocktails, ice cream. The list goes on. Anyway I've been dying to try out some of these recipes and thought for my first attempt I'd keep it simple and go for the hot chocolate. I think it's safe to say that it was a success!

salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

All you need to make a batch of this hot chocolate is milk, cream, chocolate (half plain, half caramel), and salt! Plus any extras you might want for the topping. Being the amateur that I am, I didn't use specific quantities or follow a proper recipe for this. Whoops! But I think it's pretty easy to just wing it with this sort of thing anyway. 

salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

I used my glasses (well... jars) to measure out the milk and cream. I went half and half. So that's one glass milk another glass cream. To be honest next time I think I'd go without cream and just use milk because it was pretty rich and filling! But if that's how you swing then hey, why not go to whole hog! Skip the milk and just use cream. That's the beauty of my lack of professional recipe, you can do what you want!

Anyway literally all I did was break up the chocolate and put it in a pan with the milk, cream and a pinch of salt, turned up the heat and stirred until it was all melted and combined together. Then I just brought it to the boil so it was hot enough to drink and poured it all back into the glasses (jars). All finished off with some squirty cream, a drizzle of caramel and a sprinkle of salt! Yum!

salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

If you're still a little bit cautious of the salt and caramel combination then you can always leave the salt out. But I recommend you try it. You might be pleasantly surprised!

salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

Mmm tasty. (I promise I didn't finish them both off by myself...)
Let me know how yours turn out.

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