Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

001. New Topshop shorts. As you can see I haven't taken the label off yet. BUT they are my new favourite shorts. And I'm excited that it's been shorts weather (occasionally) this month, too. I've been after a pair of high waisted denim shorts for ages and it's taken so long to finally find my perfect pair. So yes I'm very happy with this purchase. And I can't wait to wear them!

002. St Ives Apricot Scrub. My mum used to use this and I remember stealing it when I was younger. I suffer from a dry T zone but I also have really sensitive skin which means I can't use anything too perfume-y or heavy. This scrub is designed specifically for sensitive skin and it's done wonders for my skin - hooray! 

003. Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' body wash. This smells DIVINE. I also bought the Sugar Crush body scrub which is also one of my favourite products from June. I seriously think that Soap and Glory need to create a body spray that smells like Sugar Crush because it's so yum. It's a fresh, citrus scent which is perfect for summer. I'm diggin' it!

004. Original Tangle Teezer. Anything that makes the process of looking after my hair easier and less stressful is a bonus for me. Plus it makes my hair look shiny, AND it's pink. Pretty great right?

005. Quickies nail varnish remover pads. THESE. These are amazing. I bought them from ASDA for about £1 and I only ever need to use ONE pad to remove the nail varnish from all ten nails. It's so much more convenient than having a big bottle of nail varnish remover and then having to faff around with cotton wool pads. Eurgh, so much effort. 

006. Topshop nail varnish in 'Bees Knees'. It's a really pretty sunny yellow colour and I looooove it. It makes me happy.

007. Primark sunglasses. I bought these when I was in town a while ago and it was really sunny but I'd left the house unprepared and so to stop myself squinting and therefore prevent crows feet, I bought these. Turns out it was a good idea because I love them! 

Favourite song: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines. I'm sorry to be so generic but whenever it comes on the radio when I'm in the car I get really happy.

Favourite YT Video: Zoella's everyday make up routine. FINALLY.

Favourite app: A Beautiful Mess

Favourite TV: Paul O'Grady's 'For the Love of Dogs'

So that's it guys. All the wonderful things I've been enjoying in June. What have been your favourites this month? Link me up with your posts!



  1. Those sunglasses are most excellent x

  2. I love my tangle teezer I wouldn't use anything else, they really are the best! |

  3. Everything looks so good (:

  4. I couldn't live without my Tangle Teezer! My hair gets far too knotty!


  5. Cute shorts and sunnies!! I love the soap and glory stuff too, its so good!
    Daisy Dayz

  6. no way are your sunglasses from primark! they are beautifullll! love the nail polish too!

    bec X

  7. I love that you include song, video etc - makes it more interesting rather than all beauty :) - beauty - fashion

  8. These are great picks. Now I want yellow nails!

    xx Luisa
    Why Don’t You Make Me?

  9. Cannot live without my tangle teezer - definite shout!

    Sarah x

  10. The Topshop Nail Polish looks perfect for the summer :D

    I had to get rid of my St Ives scrub as it made my skin really inflamed :(

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  11. Love the sunglasses!

  12. Ilooove those sunglasses!!


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