Friday, 2 August 2013

July Favourites!

I've been absolutely obsessing over 'favourites' videos on YouTube recently. I rarely used to bother with this sort of post but I've definitely been getting into the swing of it for the past couple of months. I just love seeing what everyone's been loving over the last 30 days and it's a post I've started to really enjoy writing as well. Seeing as I don't know much about beauty, I like to mix it up a bit and throw a few other bits and bobs into the equation, too... 

001. I don't know what these damn things are called. I recently bought this body scrubber / pouffy thingy from boots because they're so good! I used to have one but I think it unraveled and then I just forgot about it, I'm very glad to have one back in my life now though.

002. Benefit 'Pore-fessional' I actually got this itty bitty tube of 'Pore-fessional' ages ago but never got around to trying it. I have been having a nightmare with my skin in the hot weather so I've been paying special attention to skin care and primers (etc) this month. I love this little primer and am seriously considering buying the full sized version. 

003. Revlon lip butters of course! I recently reviewed my three shades (Wild Watermelon, Sorbet and Tutti Frutti) and I'm still a huge fan. My other lipsticks haven't been getting a look in this month!     

004. This Topshop tan bag is an old favourite of mine. I think I bought it last summer and I have recently rediscovered it. It's pretty small and barely fits my purse in it yet alone anything else, but I've still been carrying it everywhere with me! I do like tan accessories in the summer time.

005. Real Techniques Blush Brush. I often feature a Real Techniques brush in my monthly favourites, and this month it's not different! This is the first one I own from the pink category and it might be becoming my favourite of them all! It's really big and really soft which I love! It's perfect for powder blushes but I'm still using my contour brush for cream blushes, as it's a little more dense.

006. Fanta really speaks for itself doesn't it? It's been a staple in my fridge since the warm weather arrived, it's refreshing and citrusy. Perfect.

007. Peach Body Butter from the Body Shop, of course. Peach is one of my favourite scents in general and they have a 50% off deal due to the body butters celebrating their 21st Birthday and so I treated myself to this one and my Mum to the Moringa flavour. Yum!

008. Herbal Essences 'Beautiful Ends' mask. I'm always on the hunt for a lovely new hair mask. I tend to look for ones that help dry or damaged hair as I think they give my hair the most nourishment. This herbal essences one was cheap as chips and smells delicious, not to mention it makes my hair feel like a freakin' cloud. I'm definitely going to try some more of their masks once I've used this one up!

Favourite song: Will.I.Am 'Bang Bang'

Favourite YT video: Absolutely every single video Essie Button has ever uploaded. I've only recently discovered her but man, she's right up my street. Not only does she have an amazing eye for beauty but she has a lovely personality and she's SO funny! Plus I love her and Aslan's vlogs. 

Favourite app: HAY DAY. Oh my God I'm addicted to my farm!

That's all for this month, people! Leave me links to your July Favourites posts!



  1. Revlon lip butters are amazing all year round in my opinion, such great lip products :) x

  2. Fanta! Really in need of a glass of fanta now, perfect for a hot day. I also really like the peach body butter from body shop, I have the strawberry one too and it's just as nice!

    I love Essiebutton too, she's so funny

  3. I have the peach body butter too and the peach scrub to match, I just can't get enough of that scent! Divine! Ha X

  4. I really need that Real Techniques brush, it sounds amazing! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  5. I've been loving the revlon lip butters and the real techniques blush brush too!:)

  6. I absolutely love the RT blush brush, its lovely :) xxx

  7. You're looking for the word loofah! I used to hate them, but them randomly picked one up the other day at the store and am obsessed with it now :) Glad to know I'm not the only scrubbing obsessed person haha xx

  8. The peach body butter smells divine and so natural and not artificial if you know what I mean? :P And the little Topshop bag is so cute!

    Kathryn x

  9. I have not tried the lip butters, I don't why I haven't! I will bel purchasing one this week :-) and revisit my porefessional :-)

  10. The Peach Body Butter smells sooooo nice. It reminds me of Archers or Peach Schnapps haha! :)

    I'm now following you! I'm sure you'll be hitting 300 verrrry soon. Congrats :D xx


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