Friday, 6 September 2013

Review | Lush Hair Extensions!


Lush Hair Extensions*
Ultimate full head set
Length 20"
Colour #8

You may or may not know that I have been trying to grow my hair for probably over a year now. On my 18th Birthday I had a drastic hair cut and a few months later I had even more lopped off (somebody tell me what I was thinking?) Anyway, after several weeks of loving my new short hair, I wanted my old long locks back. Since then I've tried every product under the sun that claims to help hair growth, but unfortunately I've been pretty unimpressed so far. 

I've thought about the idea of clip-in extensions several times over the past year or so. I even went so far as to order some a few months ago from an online company but was told a few days later that the set I'd ordered was in fact out of stock, so I just got my money back and forgot about the idea for a while. However, when a lovely lady from Lush Hair Extensions got in touch with me a few weeks ago about perhaps reviewing a set on my blog, I got very excited. First of all, the woman who contacted me was an absolute star when it came to finding the right set for me. I don't have the easiest hair colour to match up, but in the end I got sent a beautiful set that I'm over the moon with!

The website has a huge variety of colours and of course they're all 100% human hair so you can easily style them to blend in nicely with your own hair. My hair is not particularly short anymore and so I wanted a fairly long set, but they sell a range of different lengths to suit you. Also, they're lovely and thick so you don't have to worry about them looking thin at the ends like some of the synthetic ones do.  

So, the verdict. Am I happy with my extensions? Yes! They're really easy to use (I followed Leanne Lim-Walker's YouTube video to learn how to apply them properly!) and they're pretty comfortable to wear. Although I don't think I'll be wearing them on a daily basis, I'm so happy to have some lovely long locks to wear on special occasions, and on days where I feel like making a little more effort! 

Have any of you tried Lush Hair Extensions before? Do you have any tips for making the most of them? 

Let me know what you think of my awesome new hair! 




  1. These look lovely - I am also very jealous of your hair colour its stunning.

    Jazzie x

  2. Long hair really suits you, these extensions sound lovely too :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  3. wow I love them all!!
    I just found your blog and I really love it!!!
    love your content and your style!!!
    Just followed, hope you visit my blg and
    share your opinion!!

  4. These extensions are great - you look gorgeous!

    -xoxo, Selorm.

  5. These look amazing!
    They'd look lovely for a special occasion!
    Estelle x

  6. Wow, the colour match is perfect! :)
    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

  7. Your hair looks amazing! I didn't even think you were wearing extensions until I read the post haha

  8. Wow weeeee they look amazing!

  9. Your hair looks absolutely stunning - I love the colour!! The extensions look so natural too!! xxx.

  10. These look sooo beautiful and natural! Adore the colour of your hair!!x

  11. Ah your hair looks GORGEOUS!! I think I need to re-introduce extensions back into my life haha! :)

    Latasha xx |Today I Adore

  12. These look gorgeous, and they're a really good colour match to your hair!
    I've never tried extensions, my hair's almost waist-length so I don't really have any need to haha.

    Jess xo

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