Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Black Heart

NEW LOOK shirt*

H&M bag

TOPSHOP riding pants

EBAY boots

So everyone knows about the burgundy Burberry shirt by now, right? The one that Victoria Beckham wore and then Topshop did a dupe. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, it turns out New Look have a dupe as well, and at £17.99 it's a lot easier to handle than the £38 Topshop effort. However unsurprisingly, it is pretty difficult to find in stores now. After much umm-ing and ahh-ing I decided instead of running all over town in search of the proper Burberry dupe, I'd just settle for the black one. We all know how much I like an all black ensemble and it fits really well into my wardrobe, so I'm very pleased with my purchase. Even if it's not quite Victoria Beckham.

I paired my new shirt with my riding pants, an absolute favourite of mine. They're so much better than regular leggings, they're more durable, they're thicker (and therefore warmer), and they're comfortable. They tick all the boxes and so get a lot of wear from me. I've also thrown on my trusty leather jacket and some ankle boots. These boots are a replacement for a pair I bought last year and wore to absolute death until they literally fell apart. They lasted me a whole year though and at only £17 I was quite impressed. This time round I bought the same pair but with a suede finish as opposed to matte, just for a change.

I think I might wear this outfit (or something similar) when I go to the Clothes Show Live on Monday. I'm over the moon because I've always wanted to go and this year I managed to win myself two tickets. Are any of you lot going? Maybe I'll see you there!

Catch you later.


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  1. Truly stunning, such a gorgeous casual monochrome get up!

  2. You look gorgeous! The shirt is lovely, I've never even seen it in stores!

  3. Amazing outfit you look gorgeous! Bag and boots are amazing :-) xxx

  4. Nice pants......good alternative if your fed up with jeans...

  5. Oh I actually really wanted the Topshop dupe. This is a gorgeous outfit!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  6. Beautiful look - I'm so in love with these heart patterns, they are amazing! Xx

  7. gorgeous pictures! I can't believe that shirt is from new look! I love it! and those shoes and the jacket <3

    Andrea xx

  8. Such a gorgeous outfit, really want some riding pants like yours! Love the background for your photos, so autumnal!

  9. Beautiful outfit as usual - loving your surroundings.


  10. You look lovely Sarah! I love this heart print so much haha! x Laura


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