Sunday, 28 December 2014

My 2014 Style Evolution

As we're approaching the end of December, the time has come to evaluate the year. And by 'evaluate the year' I really mean take a look back at some of my outfit posts from 2014. It's always a bit cringe looking back on old photos, but I think it's fun to see how my style has evolved over the year.  


The time I mastered the one leg behind the other pose and developed an obsession for strappy sandals.

That Primark Co-ord
Mellow Yellow
80s vs 90s


Green was my new favourite colour, apparently.

Welcome to the Jungle
100% Polyester
Seeing... Green?


The leaves started to turn and I bought a pair of flared jeans.

Workwear 101
Blue Jeans


Things got cosy in knitwear and a cheeky new coat. 

Keepin' Cosy
Tartan Tailoring
Classic Camel Coat

So that's my year in outfit posts! Do you have a favourite? I think my favourite season was summer. It was a hot one and those pleather shorts really saw me through. 

This year I graduated from university, landed myself a new job (which I start next week!), traveled Scandinavia with my brother, relaxed in Portugal with my best friend, attended London Fashion Week both seasons and generally had a lot of fun. At the beginning of the year it wasn't certain that any of those things would happen, but I'm very thankful that they did. I think it's important to have goals and dreams but if there's one thing I've learnt this year it's that life is what happens while you're making other plans. Here's to an amazing 2014 and an even better 2015. Cheers!




  1. Your style is so pretty!

    With love,

  2. Your style has been flawless through out the year, can't fault a single season! Love the primark co-ord and the workwear! How have I just discovered your blog?!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Those are amazing looks! The third one's the one I like the most :)
    xx Ama


  4. your style throughout the year has been absolutely top notch, I always look forward to your posts

  5. I think we all have that one post we've mastered haha! Sounds like you've had a really fun year!
    lily x

  6. I love your Spring outfits, but also love that fluffy clutch! Been dying for one for ages! xo
    amber love


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