Friday, 6 February 2015

Finding the Beauty in Everyday Things

Coffee at The Garage Lounge and a cup of tea in bed

My name is Sarah and I am an Instagram addict.

Yep, I love taking pictures of everyday things on my iPhone and sharing them with the world. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a recent purchase, a perfectly crafted breakfast or a humble (ahem) selfie. I can't help but feel that documenting the little things in life makes you enjoy them a little bit more. 

Selfie from my Company mag photo shoot and a recent outfit snap

I've seen a lot of articles floating around the internet recently making bold claims that Instagram and social media are creating a world obsessed with portraying the perfect image. To an extent, I do agree. For example whilst I was at a bar last weekend I noticed a group nearby who appeared to simply walk in and take several pictures of each other before leaving the venue almost immediately. 

Taking a lot of effort to 'appear' to be having a good time, instead of just having a good time is a laughable concept and it is sadly something we're all starting to see more and more of. However, I can't help but feel the need to stand up for my good friend Instagram. 

Mowgli when he was a tiny baby and a new bag for SS15

I suppose really it's just about finding that balance. If you forget to take any pictures on your night out, it doesn't matter. You still had a good time. And, if you don't post selfies with your boyfriend then it doesn't mean he doesn't exist. Taking snapshots of your life isn't, or shouldn't be, about proving yourself to anyone or crafting a specific image. 

It can just be fun. 

In my eyes, taking pictures of fun times and the things that make you happy is absolutely a good thing. Too often we take things for granted and are too busy worrying about work, studying, paying the bills or planning for the future that we forget to enjoy the little things that make life so wonderful. I have found that in my experience of documenting the 'insignificant' things that make me happy on the daily, I've learnt to appreciate them more. 

The apartment I stayed at in Scandinavia and standing on a bridge in sunny Portugal

Let's not forget that back in the days where there were no digital cameras or endless cloud storage, we were forced to be careful about how many pictures we were taking and even after we'd printed them and put them into photo albums they would just sit on a bookshelf or in a box under the bed. 

In this day and age we can afford to take pictures of anything and everything we fancy and by uploading them onto a platform like Instagram we've always got them on hand to look back on. It's like having all your photo albums in your pocket at all times and I for one am definitely taking advantage of this amazing technology we have available to us.

My mantra:
Enjoy the little things because one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things.
If you want to take pretty pictures of your morning coffee or your trip to Thailand then go ahead and do that. If you don't then that's OK too. 

I'd love to know you're opinions on this Instagram and social media obsessed world we're living in. Are you an avid Instagram user like myself?




  1. love this post! I also agree to an extent with the perfect image thing but it also forces us to look at the beauty in everything :)

  2. I hate it when people compare our generation to older ones when they "enjoyed" things and weren't worried about "showing off" on social media but as you said, instagram is our tiny photo album made by ourselves for ourselves to keep track o the good things that we have in our lives! Loved this post and I loved seeing your picture in my sunny country, Portugal x

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  3. I love your insta account! Don't stop :D! X

  4. Love your insta... and generally love double tapping some instageees.... i for one am embracing the insta

  5. I love Instagram but I can see where these articles are coming from there's a lot of 'perfect' lives on there

  6. LOVE this post - I agree with what you said. P.S. your cat is adorable! x


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