Monday, 23 March 2015

Styling Skirts 101

ASOS t shirt
RI skirt
H&M bag

I'm trying really hard to incorporate more skirts into my wardrobe at the moment. I'm a die-hard trouser / jeans / jumpsuit fan and so styling skirts and dresses just doesn't come as naturally to me. That being said, I've got a couple of super cute numbers in my wardrobe that I think I'll be getting quite a bit of wear out of this season, including this faux-leather khaki mini from River Island and a beautiful burgundy suede A-line from ASOS (i've worn it on my Instagram if you want a sneak peek). 

Slogan tees and pointy ankle boots have been my go-to styling solution so far, but I think I need to broaden my horizons a little. I'm still on the hunt for a perfect bell-sleeve top to pair with the suede for a cute 70s look, and I'm sure I can think of a way to amp up the utility-style for this mini. Perfect way to tackle two of SS15's hottest trends!

If you're an avid skirt lover - please help a girl out and let me in on your top styling tips...



Friday, 13 March 2015

Casual Tailoring

ZARA shirt
H&M trews
NIKE roshe runs

I've never really been a trainer kinda girl. I like pretty shoes. I wear heels as often as I possibly can, bad-ass boots in the winter and chic sandals in the summer. I haven't worn a pair of trainers (other than to the gym) since I was 14 and going through my Converse All Stars phase. So, when trainers arrived back on the fashion scene and I liked them I was slightly confused. The only thing I didn't like about the new trend was the price tag of a pair of Nike or Adidas kicks. Up to and beyond £100 for a pair of trainers?! It's against my programming to spend that much on a pair of... sensible shoes.

After a lot of lusting and debating over Roshe Run, Air Max and Stan Smith I discovered a loophole in the system. The children's section. Now, I don't have tiny feet by any means. But - to my surprise - Nike stock trainers in the kids' section up to a size 5.5. What?! At literally half the price of the adult's and almost identical designs, I snapped up a pair in a matter of seconds. 

Since they arrived on my doorstep I've worn them countless times. With black skinny jeans and a leather jacket for running errands, with tailored trousers and a crisp shirt (like this outfit) for a relaxed take on smart tailoring, and I even wore them to fashion week with a sharp burgundy suit. Oh I do love a versatile shoe. And the best part? They're freakin' comfortable.

Are you sold on the trainers-as-fashion-statement trend? Tell me how you style yours.


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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

ASOS Spring 2015 Wishlist

I have been spending a lot of time on the ASOS website lately. It's actually getting a bit out of hand. But, with the mornings and evenings getting lighter and lighter it's difficult not to get excited about Spring and warmer weather... and with a change in season, of course, comes a change in wardrobe. 

I'm really into blue at the moment. The polka-dot culotte jumpsuit and the floral playsuit with the bell sleeves are definitely at the top of my wishlist. I think they're just so pretty and so versatile. I'm also really digging denim this season and if ever there was a time to be rocking double denim, it's now. I love the laid back denim shirt and think it would look amazing with a pair of flares for that 70s vibe, or even some ripped up mom jeans for a very casual-cool look.

What are you all lusting after at the moment?


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Sunday, 8 March 2015

New In: Spring Bags

It's March everybody. We made it. We made it through winter and now Spring is officially on the horizon. Making summer plans and ditching the heavy coats for light jackets and sunglasses is making me very happy right now.

Lately I've acquired a few new bags which make for the perfect additions to outfits to make them a little bit more Spring-appropriate. First of all is this gorgeous dusty pink clutch by Davidoff. Made from Italian leather and finished with light gold hardware, this bag is one of the most beautifully crafted things I own!

The light colour makes it perfect for the warmer weather and looks great paired with masculine looks to add a touch of femininity. It also comes with a detachable strap so can be worn over the shoulder as well as clutched.   

It wasn't until this bag arrived on my doorstep that I realised quite how 'mini' it really is! It's absolutely adorable. I love the colour, I wear quite a lot of blue and navy so it works with my wardrobe really well. The tiny size means it's perfect for carrying your purse, phone, keys and sunglasses - but not much else. I'm not one of those people who likes to carry around the kitchen sink with me everywhere I go anyway.

Stay tuned on the Fiorelli Instagram page because Tessa and I will be taking over the account in a couple of week's time!

Tan fringe bag - H&M

The final addition to my Spring bag collection is this super fun fringe number from H&M. I wore it quite a lot at Fashion Week because it's a good size if you need to cart a bit more stuff around than usual!

The addition of fringing gives any outfit that nod to the 70s that we're all digging at the moment. I can see myself wearing this bag a lot throughout the Spring with flared jeans and suede skirts, and then when the summery festival season rears it's head I'll probably be pairing it with denim cut offs and metallic transfer tattoos!  

Have you been adding any new bits to your wardrobe in preparation for Spring yet?



Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Style Crush: Victoria Beckham

With New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks all happening in February there has been a lot of stylish ladies on my radar this month. This made it pretty difficult to decide on just one style crush but I did eventually settle on... you guessed it... the beautiful Victoria Beckham. 

The paparazzi was all over her back in New York at the start of the month due to her showing her new collection at Fashion Week. Of course she looked flawless throughout the whole event, with the navy culottes and camel jumper in particular being a favourite look for me. 

Victoria's style is effortlessly sophisticated, tailored and minimal. She always looks perfectly put together and seriously knows how to rock a trouser - a woman after my own heart. Sticking to a muted colour palette of black, white, navy and camel, Victoria always looks classic and timeless. She does throw in some surprises every now and again to keep us on our toes - like those pale blue, wide leg trews.

Never seen without a stiletto heel and a huge pair of shades - she's the ultimate style icon. Well, for February anyway. :-) 


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